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Keep in mind, however, that this method isn't fail-safe. Information that is deleted can generally be retrieved, so browse at your own discretion.
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Support Our Programs

Make a financial contribution to help grow our programs and services and/or donate gift cards (such as drug store, grocery, and Visa gift cards) to be used for our clients' needs.

Become a Volunteer
We are always in need of dedicated volunteers looking for ways to make a difference and help with the smooth operation of our agency. Contact us for volunteer opportunities, including: fundraising, public outreach & awareness, event coordination, and more.

Host a Fundraiser
Looking for a way to give back to your community? Choose West Niagara Second Stage as your next charitable beneficiary to help us help women and children in need. Please email resourcedeveloper@wnss.org for our agency's guidelines on fundraising and promotional materials to use at your fundraiser.

Become a Board Member
If you are interested in overseeing the operations of our agency and taking part in decision-making, click here for opportunities to sit on our Board of Directors.

Get involved by participating in our outreach and fundraising events.

Speak Up!
Be an ally. Don't enable or let violence continue behind closed doors. If you or someone you know needs help, reach out today! Click here for community resources.