Major Giving

To build a strong foundation for expanding our programs at Gillian’s Place, and to provide a stable future for our organization, we recently launched the Gillian’s Place Dream Builder Society.  

There are thousands of women in our community who need the support of Gillian’s Place every year to move from lives of violence and desperation, to lives filled with safety and hope. Your support can help ensure that we can reach  these women well into the future.

Becoming a member of the Dream Builder Society is not just an investment in Gillian’s Place; it is truly an investment in our children, and our grandchildren, and one of the most important investments one can make. 

There are three levels in the Dream Builder Society

BUILDING HOPE $1,000/year for 5 years.

This is the approximate cost of providing support service to two children.  A gift at this level, which is approximately $83/month (or a latte a day), would let us help to break the cycle of abuse for two families., providing hope for a future without violence.

CREATING DREAMS $5,000/year for 5 years

Giving at this level would allow us to help 20 women and their children realize their dream of safety and security by giving them the tools to transition from an abusive home to living independently and free from violence and abuse.

CHANGING LIVES $10,000/year for 5 years.

This level is for those who may be part of a company or foundation, or who are just in a position to give more. A gift at this lvel lets you have a far-ranging impact on the lives of women and children in our community, by supporting one of our most under-funded, yet critical programs. Our Legal program is one of the most innovative in Canada, and gives women the knowledge and power to alleviate some of their deepest fears about leaving an abusive partner and helps them to reclaim their lives.

At Gillian’s Place, we know that the decision to support our organization at this level requires careful thought and decision making. Our Community Development Manager would be happy to arrange a personal meeting with you to answer any questions you may have about Gillian’s Place and the Programs and Services we offer, or to discuss other ideas you may have. Please contact Graeme at 905-684-4000 ext. 254, or


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