Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt it was responsible and necessary to adjust our annual Walk a Mile in HER Shoes to a virtual event. Walking in your own social bubbles, and outdoors, limits risk while still participating in a community event. This year, we need the support of our entire community and so, we invite EVERYONE to participate.

On Saturday, October 17th, 2020, we will kick off the event with an Instagram Live at 11:00am.  You can find our Instagram Page here. Walkers will then take to the street to Walk a Mile on their chosen route. We will wrap up the event at 1pm with another Instagram Live to announce prize winners and our fundraising grand total!

To register for Walk a Mile in HER Shoes it's as easy as clicking on the Register button at the top of the event page and follow the instructions.  Start collecting pledges right away by creating your own personal fundraising page!  If you would prefer to register by phone call Graeme at 905-684-4000 ext. 254 or e-mail

We provide walkers with the option of creating a personal online fundraising page.  This online tool will help and assist you in collecting pledges.  Create your own fundraising goal, post your picture, tell your story of why you have chosen to participate - the options are endless!  Once your page is complete send it to your friends via e-mail and/or social media websites such as Facebook and/or Twitter.  Friends, family, and co-workers will be able to pledge you safely and securely online using their credit card.  This means no more keeping track of individual donations on paper pledge forms and in addition, your sponsors will automatically receive a tax receipt for their donations to their e-mail account.  It is simple and easy to use and we are always here to help and support if needed.

The minimum required by an adult (participating as an individual or on a team) is $100.00.  The minimum amount for a youth 18 years of age or younger (participating as an individual or on a team) is $25.00

When you register, you will be asked if you would like your location added to the map. Choose yes, and it will be added to the map within 48 business hours. If you chose no, or are unsure and would like your location added, please email or call 905-684-4000 ext. 254

The goal is to walk one mile (or 1.6km). You can do this your neighbourhood, on a trail, in the mall...the choice is yours.  If you need help mapping your route, try

This year, we're taking it easy on you. No heels required! Though, you will get brownie points if you do!

Included in your package will be a guide with tips for fundraising, decorating your home or business, a lawn sign, t-shirt and a few other gifts as our way of saying thank-you. 

There are 3 'coveted' golden shoe awards to be handed out the event for the following categories: the highest pledged individual; the highest pledged team; and the highest pledged youth individual.   Winners will have their prizes and trophy delivered to their homes in the week following the event. 

Donors who have made a donation of $20 or more online will receive an official electronic tax receipts by e-mail within minutes of making their donation.  All other methods of payment (cash, cheque, etc) will receive their tax receipt in approximately 4-8 weeks following the event.  

You can donate to a Walk a Mile participant online by selecting the Donate link and following the instructions. 

This year, due to COVID-19, we are strongly encouraging online donations. If a sponsor would like to write a cheque, you can have them make the cheque out to you, and then make the donation online with your credit card. Similarly, if a sponsor gives you cash, you would keep the cash and make the donation online with your credit card. Be sure to enter the donor's information - not yours, so that they will receive the tax receipt.  If donating online is absolutely not possible, cheques can be mailed to Gillian's Place (please do not send cash in the mail). The donors contact information including name, address, phone, and email shoudl all be included, as well as the name of the participant the donation should be attributed to.  

Yes, you can make a general donation to Gillian's Place here  or call us directly at 905-684-4000 ext. 233. 


Have a question that was not answered here?  Please contact Graeme at 905.684-4000 ext. 254 or 

Thank you for your interest in Walk a Mile- COVID Style: Niagara's March to End Violence Against Women! 


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