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Si vous êtes une femme dans la crise et vous avez besoin des services en français accrochez et appelez 911 pour la police ou appel Fem’ aide, une ligne de crise en francaise pour les femmes qui éprouvent l'abus. Le numero est 1-877-336-2433.

If you are a woman who thinks you might be being abused, Gillian’s Place can help. You can escape from the nightmare and create a new, abuse-free life.

Are you unhappy in your relationship but not sure if the things he says and does are abuse? Click on this page ARE YOU LIVING IN FEAR? for questions to ask yourself about the relationship. Find answers to the different types of abuse, how to know if you are in danger, and what is true or untrue about abuse.

Need help right away or want to check out your options for future reference?

Click on WE ARE HERE FOR YOU to find out how. This page tells you exactly what we can do to help you overcome abuse, no matter what.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you need to plan ahead for your safety. For tips, click on STAYING SAFE

It can be very hard to decide to leave the relationship, the unknown can be very scary and there can be many things stand in the way. Click on I KNOW I SHOULD LEAVE BUT… this page talks about concerns you may be facing when deciding to leave.

Click FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM to meet five brave women who tell their stories and now, with help from Gillian’s Place, lead abuse free lives.

Want to help a woman who is being abused? Click on FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

Want information for teens? Click on HEALTHY TEEN RELATIONSHIPS.

There is help. There is hope. There is a future.


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